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Tips to Find a Bride Abroad (or At Home)

Did you know that over 37% of adults in the U.S. have never left their hometown? Over half of Americans have never left the country–only 46% have passports.

This means that most men base their thoughts and feelings on women on the women who live around them. While they might be perfectly “fine,” they may not be the type of woman that really gets a guy excited.

But you're not like “most guys.” You want to experience all the world has to offer. You'd love nothing more than being able to travel overseas and easily get to know all sorts of women from different cultures, ethnicities, and social backgrounds.

And maybe, just maybe, you've already thought about settling down with an exotic foreign bride, one who's different than the “same old” girls you see around yourself constantly.

But even if you want to find a bride from another country, you probably wouldn't even know where to start. You hear words like “mail order brides” and “sex tourism” that make your skin crawl. Not to mention all of the online scams that try nothing more than to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

The Guy Who Cuts Through All of the Stigma and B.S. So You Don't Have To

Mark Edward Davis has an interesting story to tell, and a wealth of experience matching up guys from America and Western Europe with “hot foreign brides,” as he calls them.

Davis was frustrated after a divorce and as he was advancing in years, disillusioned a bit with the women in his area in the U.S.

After a fishing trip in Brazil led him to spend some time with an attractive younger woman, Davis was struck by how sweet and vibrant she was.

“I thought, ‘She isn't like the girls back home,'” he said. “And I got to wondering why I was wasting my time back home at all when these types of women were all over the place abroad.”

Eventually, Mark met his wife, Anna, in the Ukraine. But not without slugging through a bunch of scams and pitfalls that most Americans get trapped in.

“When you see these things up close, it really opens your eyes,” he said. “There are a ton of scams out there. But there are also lots of attractive, attentive young women who desperately want nothing more than a good, solid man to settle down with.”

Not only that, but when he and Anna moved back to the States, his single buddies were amazed.

“They constantly asked me, ‘How can I do what you did? You should write a book!' So I did.”

Not only that, but Davis started his own business, Dream Connections, which works with legitimate matchmakers and translators in the Ukraine, Colombia, and Thailand to connect guys in the west with interested women abroad.

It's called “International Dating,” and it's far different than the “mail order bride” websites of the past, focusing instead on in-person meetings and connections fueled by trips to the three countries above.

How to Find a Caring, Attractive Foreign Bride In 6 Easy Steps

Mark recently put together a video about some things to consider before dating a woman internationally.

I thought that a lot of his points were really good not only if you're looking to date a woman internationally, but also if you're content to look for a long-term relationship or wife where you're currently at.

In it, you'll learn a lot about some things that you may not have thought of when it comes to finding a long-term girlfriend or bride, including:

  • What you're looking for in a woman for a long-term relationship, even if you don't know exactly how to say it…(2:00)
  • What does “a hot woman” actually look like when you take everything into account? The answer will surprise you…(2:55)
  • The exact ways that international women can make better wives than the “same old girls” you're around every single day…(4:00)
  • Why you have to be careful when acting on your emotions–you definitely don't want to make this mistake that most guys make. (5:40)
  • The secrets of true happiness, and how no woman will make you completely happy on her own…(8:40)
  • The difference between being “loved” and “deeply loved,” including a crucial difference that you're not even considering right now…(17:30)
  • An easy-to-follow, dead-simple system to ensure that you find all of these qualities in a single woman who makes you truly happy.

Like I said, even if you're happy with the women in your area, there are a lot of good tips in there to get in a long-term relationship with a woman or find a bride on your terms. This will make you happier, and lay the groundwork for a healthy and productive relationship, no matter where you're looking.

Here's What to Do Next

If you're getting into a long-term relationship with a woman, it can be tough to keep the interest up on both ends of the equation.

You can get bored with her. She can get bored with you.

After a while, it can be tough to know if the woman you're committed to is still even interested in you.

That's why this video is just the tip of the iceberg on how to find and keep a wife or long-term relationship going. You need to be able to figure out if she's still interested in you.

There are a few ways to figure out if she is. 7 dead-simple giveaways, to be exact. It doesn't matter if you haven't talked to her yet or if you've been together for a decade, you should be able to see some of these signs in the woman you're with.

So here's what you need to do: click here right now to get access to the 7 Hidden Signs She Likes You, and start figuring out if she's still into you even if you've been together a while.

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