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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

So, in this video today, I’m going to show you the blueprint to create a strong, lasting connection with anyone you meet. 

It does not matter if you met her today for the first time.

It does not matter if you’ve known her for a while.

You’re going to use these building blocks to create that nice, strong, lasting chemistry. 

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First, though, I want to explain something else.

I want to breakdown the blueprint of how attraction happens.

So let’s get started!

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

In the past, if you met a woman and you had a great connection with her… a few things had to occur. 

You met her, said all the right things, and you guys eventually got together. 

What were all the different things that had to occur for your relationship to begin?

I’m going to break this into step one, step two, and step three for you… but it’s not always a linear model. 

There are not always “steps” involved. 

I’m only breaking them into small pieces so you can identify different elements that are needed to create the connection. 

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So this way, when you go out next time, and you like someone… you’re not just banking on luck. 

Because for me, if I’m in the right state of emotions, I see everything more clearly and the connection is more likely to happen.

It’s like that for most guys.

By identifying all these different elements in the dating world, you will have a little bit more control when you actually like someone and want to escalate. 

You will be able to use and execute all these different elements and create a connection.

I’m going to present it in a linear manner, but they are totally interchangeable, so keep that in mind.

1) Understand The Two Types of Attraction

So there are generally two types of attraction. 

The first one is the sexual attraction, or a lustful attraction, or an emotional attraction. 

The second one is what I call the “lasting love connection.”

So the first one is basically what you use if you want to have a one-night stand

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If you want to have fast sex, you meet a woman, you use your eye contact, your personality, and your touch. (But more on that in a bit.)

Maybe you start talking about sex.

The whole idea is at that point, you get her aroused and you get her emotionally excited to want to have sex with you. 

So that’s the first style of attraction, and like I said, you use that mostly for fast sex. 

2) If You Want to Create A Lasting Connection…

To make a lasting connection, you need to show your personality and spend some time working on your personality. 

A great way to do this is by making videos and rewatching them to make sure that you have a personality that’s likeable. 

Women gravitate toward men with good personalities. 

If you are likeable, have confidence, are able to deliver good conversation and body language–she will eventually start to picture herself with you. 

(This is also a great way to get a with a girl even if she says you’re not “her type.” Check out the video guide HERE.)

Give her as many reasons as you can to say, “Wow, this guy is cool!” 

The final step takes place once this happens. 

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You’re at a stage where you both like each other, and have a clear connection. 

To really solidify this connection, I like to use one of my proven tricks. 

After the initial connection happens, I like to get her number. 

I will not text her instantly. 

I want to make her miss me a little because we already had such a positive connection.

It’s clear that we already like each other so I want her to feel a slight sense of loss, so that the next time I talk to her, she is eager to hear from me. 

If you follow these steps, there’s never a guarantee every single time… but I will tell you that 80 to 90% of the time your interactions will lead to a great connection…

And possibly even sex that same night if you do this:

fast sex
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3) The “Common Denominator” For Sex (Whether You Want to Get Laid or Make Her Your Girlfriend) Is…

…pretty simple actually:

Touch her.

Touch is by far the easiest way I’ve found to make women feel safe, comfortable, and open…

Which means it doesn’t matter if you’re going for a one-night stand, or want to make her your hot, loyal girlfriend…

It’s going to lead to sex more often than not!

HOWEVER… there are a bunch of ways that you can touch a woman that come off as “creepy” or “try hard”…

And only some select techniques that really seem to put women at ease… and make sex a LOT more likely…

These seem really “friendly” and “innocent”… though I’ve found through a lot of trial-and-error that when you do them in the right places and right order…

She gets REALLY h*rny for you, REALLY quickly…

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