7 Steps to a Perfect First Impression

Dressing for a First Date and the Science of Making a First Impression that Makes Her Want You…

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” 

“Beauty is only skin deep.” 

“Looks can be deceiving.” 

You’ve heard all of these phrases because they are cliches: waaaay over-used expressions. 

Does that mean they are true? 

Not when it comes to a first impression…

Research shows that over half of women care a lot how you look on a first date…

Let me be more specific: they care about what you wear. (And how you wear it, but more about that later…)

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You can get away with a “nose with character” (big honker), being “perfect height for kissing” (short), “super cuddly” (overweight)…

As long as you look like you take care of yourself, have self respect, and a sense of style.

Ever heard “Clothes make the man?”

Well, that cliche turns out to be a little closer to the truth — at least for first impressions

More than half of women surveyed say that what a man wears on a first date can be a deal-breaker. 

So, I’m here today to walk you through exactly what that means… with 7 specific and easy to follow tips for ANY man, that will make a go a long way to making a great first impression.

Including what you should wear on a first date (whether in person or virtual) to make sure that second date happens…

Or to put it another way, what you put on may influence what she will take off…

It’s Not So Much What You Wear, As How You Wear It

A first date is stressful enough without having to worry about your clothes…

Before you tear apart your closet and give everything you own to Goodwill, slow down. 

Everyone has got their own taste. 

But research reveals there are some outfits that are definitely safe. As in, they probably won’t scare anyone away. 

At the same time, there are a few major errors to avoid. 

Thousands of women (and men, but we’re looking at the women’s results here…) weighed in on what give them an impression of style and attractiveness, and below is a distillation of these findings, in easy-to-follow tips.

Follow these DOs and DONTs to score: 

7 Steps to a Perfect First Impression

1) DO Iron Your Clothes 

The majority of the women surveyed said wrinkly clothes were a turn-off. 


Maybe wrinkly pants show you don’t care much what she thinks of you. Or you don’t pay attention to details. Or you’re lazy. 

None of those are awesome. But you can iron your clothes in minutes. If you don’t have an iron, ask around for a friend to help you. It’s such an easy way to say, “I care about this date, and this woman.” 

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2) DON’T Wear Socks With Sandals

This might be a great style for hiking, but it comes across as a little too casual. 

There are probably plenty of women who don’t mind socks with sandals, but over half of the women surveyed found it a turn off. 

Why take a chance? 

7 Steps to a Perfect First Impression

3) DON’T Wear Crocks 

Crocks are great for the garden—or if your date involves wading in a creek (which would be cool)—but if you’re catching a movie, crocks might send the wrong signal. 

If you’re a chef, cooking for her in your own restaurant, you might get away with this…

But otherwise, go for something with laces. And leather.

(Actually, thinking about laces and leather is turning me on…)

Now, this doesn’t mean you should wear uncomfortable shoes, but maybe choose something that doesn’t scream “MUD.”  

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4) DO Wear Clothes That Fit Well

Sometimes it can be really hard to figure out whether something fits. I feel that. 

The right combination of loose/tight is really tricky to nail. 

For fit, try to find the happy medium. 

Does it look like you could fit two of you inside your pants? 

Unless your date is going to be jumping in there with you (and frankly, wouldn’t you rather she get out of her pants?), it might be better to go with something a little slimmer. 

Likewise, if your clothes feel uncomfortably tight when you bend your limbs, opt for a looser fit. 

This gives you way more leeway with what you wear — go for your own style, and what makes you comfortable and expresses your personality — just make sure it fits. (And is clean, but hopefully that goes without saying…) 

7 Steps to a Perfect First Impression

5) When In Doubt, Wear Black

It’s really hard to mess up black. It’s also hard to stain it. It’s a great choice if you’re worried about dumping red wine down your chest at dinner. 

Just kidding. 

But really, black is a safe, classy choice that women tend to really like. And casual black is fine – a black tshirt (that fits well, remember) and black jeans are great (just throw a jacket or blazer on, depending on how casual your date is), and universally flattering. 

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6) Wear What Makes You Feel Confident

You know that stiff, dressy shirt you own but never wear? 

It might not be the best choice…

How about those nice looking shoes that make your pinky toes feel as though they’re going to fall off? 

Skip them.

Instead, choose clothes that look nice, but that you love. 

The last thing you want during a date is a fashion surprise—which can happen when you go out on a limb, wearing new clothes or trying a new look. 

Choose what makes you feel most comfortable, and most like yourself, but still looks nice. 

In other words, avoid your favorite sweatpants. 

Likewise, even if you’ve spent your weekend attending clown school, this might not be the time to break out the clown suit. 

The women surveyed loved it when guys wore nice jeans and a nice button down shirt. Even a clean, well-fitting t-shirt can be great.

If you’re comfortable in your clothes, your confidence will make you extra attractive. 

What This Boils Down To…

First impressions are really important. 

Before you even open your mouth, she’s taking in your outfit. 

A woman is likely to size you up and decide how far she wants to go with you really fast. 

Give yourself a fighting chance by putting your best foot (and shoe, and shirt…) forward! 

Because what all these tips are giving you the best chance to do, is present a put together guy, who has confidence. 

Studies have proven that feeling attractive (and put together) goes a long way to making you feel confident.

And that’s a man she can respect.

And no woman is about to get naked for a man she doesn’t respect…

Trust me… dressing to impress will help you get laid.

And so will THIS:

7 Steps to a Perfect First Impression

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