Dirty Talk: 5,000 Women Reveal Their Fav Words & Phrases…

dirty talk women love

The Dirty Talk Women Love & Can’t Get Enough Of–Will You Make Her Your Naughty Girl Tonight?

Let's talk about dirty talk.

It's something you've probably seen in porn…

And maybe you've experimented with it in your own bedroom…

But for most guys, it's unexplored territory.

Beyond the occasional, “Oh, baby…” or, “I'm gonna come…” Most guys simply aren't very verbal between the sheets.

However, according to one recent survey, most women are a lot more interested in this kind of “oral” (not sex!) than you may think.

The survey asked 5,000 women to list their favorite words & phrases–and the results were quite surprising.

So today, I'm going to show you the 3 dirty talk phrases that women want to hear most in bed, why they're so hot (for both of you), and how to use them during sex for maximum pleasure.

Will You Make Her Your Naughty Girl Tonight?

1) “Call Me Daddy”

Yup–it's cliche as all hell, but the 3 words women want to hear most in bed truly are, “Call me daddy.”

Now, you might be thinking:

Why could this possibly be?

Won't this just make her think of her father?

Isn't that…creepy?

And yeah, I won't lie–I thought the same things myself when I first saw this.

However, it's important to remember that, for a lot of women, sex is a “safe space.” It's her place where she can truly open up and explore the kinkier, more adventurous side of herself.

And when it comes to her calling you “daddy,” it's (most likely) not some weird fetish she has for her father–instead, it's her way of telling you that she wants you to take control.

So tell her to call you daddy, then maybe give her a light spanking. It might just be enough to take her over the edge.

Will You Make Her Your Naughty Girl Tonight?

2) “You’re So Tight”

I'm going to let you in on a little secret:

Deep down, most women are at least a little–and many women are a lot–insecure about how “loose” or “tight” they are *down there.*

Sure, studies show that the vaginal walls are elastic, and even something as intense as giving birth won't actually make her any looser.

However, a lot of women still like to know that it feels nice and tight when you're inside them.

So if you tell her that she's tight, not only will it silence her insecurities–it will probably make her more enthusiastic to have sex with you again as well!

And if that's not a win-win, then I don't know what is. 🙂

Will You Make Her Your Naughty Girl Tonight?

3) “You Feel So Good Right Now”

This is similar–but slightly different–from the line above.

Instead of something specific about her “tightness,” this naughty line is another way to let her know that you're having an amazing time, and it's all because you're in bed with her.

Because at the end of the day, it's important that the women you take to bed know that you appreciate their uniqueness and individuality.


Well, it's 2018, and we all watch porn. We all have insecurities about our bodies…

Our sexual skills…

And it's only natural to doubt yourself from time to time. Women are no different.

So when you tell her that she “feels good”–even though it's vague–it still gets the point across that you're having a good time with her.

And that's going to make her want to sleep with you again.

Now, I do have one last line to show you…

It's not from the study–it's more of a “personal experience” for me haha… and instead of a line that women want you to say to them, this is more of a line that she'll say to you if she's having an amazing time.

Here's what it is, and how you can use it to have the best sexual experience possible:

dirty talk women love

4) “OMG baby, you’re so hard… I can’t wait to take you all in!”

…were the words I said to Dan in bed last night, right before, well… you can probably guess. 😉

Now, normally I’m not that raunchy lol… though when Dan unzipped his pants… slid off his boxers… and placed my hand on his manhood… I simply couldn’t help myself… he was *rock freaking hard* already.

Clearly, the “Sex Snack” had worked its magic… thank you Edyn Blair!!!

If you haven’t heard of Edyn before, she’s a pornstar who works with all kinds of guys in the industry… including some older men (like in their 60’s).

And apparently, most of her older male co-stars refuse to take weird “prescriptions” for stamina… so instead, they eat this “Sex Snack” before shoots.

I first found the recipe in this interview Edyn did with some of her co-stars… and while I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sure if it would work when I fed it to Dan… (the ingredients seem so “normal”!)…

By my third orgasm that night, I was pretty freaking certain it had done its job. 😉

Here’s the recipe if you wanna check it out for yourself:

Discover The “Sex Snack” & Give Her More Sexual Pleasure Than You Ever Thought Possible…

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