It’s True: Younger Women Don’t Like Older Guys…They LOVE Them! (Here’s Proof)

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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

I want to talk a little about this false belief system that a lot of the guys have.

A lot of guys think that younger women don't want to date older men.

I mean, I see this all the time in my workshops.

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A guy will come in, and he's like:

“Oh, I'm 40 years old, I'm 50 years old, I want to date someone who's 25 or 30, or 18, 19…” whatever it is.

They always think that younger women don't want to date older men.

This is one of the biggest rumors, or pieces of bad information, that I've ever heard in my life.

Younger women actually like older men.

In fact, they love older men.

And today I’m going to show you how knowing this will allow you to get a hot college-age girl in your bed… even as soon as tonight.

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The reason younger women love older men is this:

They’re tired of what they have, just like you are tired of women your age.

They have nothing different to offer to you.

It's the same for women who are younger. They're tired of men their age.

Every guy around her is the same.

Every guy is offering something maybe 5% or 10% different than any other guy.

And younger women are bored of it.

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Plus, if you're talking about women who are in their early 20’s, or like 18, or 19… they all have a very boring life.

They're out with these guys who have no job, who have no money.

They cannot do anything romantic with them.

And what’s the romantic fantasy that women have at that age?

Especially if you're 21 or 22… you're thinking of going out for a nice evening…

You're thinking of going to nice venues for a nice, romantic dinner…

And walking by the lake, and all that stuff.

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So the thing is, younger women are not doing this with those guys.

Those guys, they're drinking in their dorm room and having sex.

Or they’re just meeting someone, having a cheap drink, playing some pool or billiards, and going and having sex.

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That's boring for younger women.

So they actually find it very fascinating that they could be with a guy who's mature, who has his s*it together, and with whom she can actually live her romantic dream.

So when you meet someone, that's actually a strategy you should use to your advantage.

It Doesn’t End There…

When I meet women who are younger than me, I will joke with them:

Oh, I'm too old for you. You should meet someone who's nice and who will go and play pool with you, get drunk, have sex in Mcdonalds or something.”

I'm a little different. I like to go to nicer venues. I'm old, I like to have a nicer life. I want to go to nicer venues, sit there, have a nice evening, drink then go and walk by the lake.”

So I paint this fantasy that I know they're not getting with the other guy, and that makes them attracted to me.

Because they see, “Oh, s*it. With this guy I could have the lifestyle that I don't have with my guy.”

That really is the game for every level. It's not even about age.

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The bottom line is when you meet someone, the best-selling strategy is to offer something they want but they're not getting from someone else.

That's it, sale done, then it's all about closing.

Of course, by closing I mean getting her back to your place (and eventually in bed).

Here's the fastest way I know how to do it:

dating younger girls

Lots Of Younger Women PREFER Sex With Older Men (Here’s How to Find Them)…

While it’s true that a lot of younger women go crazy for older men… this isn’t the case for some women.

Which means there is a very fine line between being an experienced older gentleman…

… and a creepy old guy who's seconds away from getting pepper sprayed.

(Trust me… you do NOT want to get a reputation as the old guy who doesn’t know his boundaries)

So how do you avoid this?

Well… it's actually easier than you think.

There are a lot of signs younger women put out that tell you if she's the kind of girl who is into older men.

There are HORDES of these girls too… especially girls in their early 20’s…

And the best part is, if you can spot the signs that she’s the kind of woman who is into older men… then all you have to do is make a move.

Because women who love older men JUMP on them… (speaking from experience haha)…

Once she knows you're available and interested, she’ll be all over you like white on rice… and it’ll take almost no effort to make this hot younger woman your girlfriend. 🙂

It won’t take long either…there are soooo many younger women looking to fill that daddy-shaped void in their lives with an older boyfriend:

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