5 Ways to Have a Great First Date With a Girl You Met Online

5 Ways to Have a Great First Date With a Girl You Met Online

Dating Online? Here Are My Best Tips for First Date Success…

So you've met a woman online or on an app, and you've set up a date.

You've laid the groundwork and built both trust and rapport online.

So, now that you have a foundation for a date, how do you make sure that everything goes the way you want it to in real life?

As long you were pretty upfront and you look mostly like your pictures, the rest shouldn't be too difficult.

There are just a few things you need to pay attention to in order to score a happy ending–whatever that means to you–for your date.

So today, I'm going to show you what they are. There are 5 of them in all:

5 Ways to Have a Great First Date With a Girl You Met Online

1) Be Consistent With Your Online Presence

As I hinted above, in the first meeting, you have to come across in person just like you did online.

Any inconsistency implies dishonesty, and that can be a quick deal breaker.

Were you charming and funny in the chat?  Then be charming and funny in person.

Did you tell her online that you like dogs and children?

Then ask her about her dog and her kids.

Which brings me to my next tip…

5 Ways to Have a Great First Date With a Girl You Met Online

2) Review Your Past Conversations

In fact, review your chat string before you go out on the date.

If you have to, make notes about the subjects you discussed, such as likes, dislikes and personal details she may have shared. This includes kids, pets, and her job.

Then, make a point of bringing them up in conversation on the date.

It doesn't matter that you may have already discussed everything online. A new setting makes it an entirely new conversation. (For now, anyway.)

In order to put your date at ease, she has to feel as though she knows you.

This means you have to be the same person in person that you were online.

And the more familiar you are with who she is, based on what she's told you, the more strongly she'll feel a connection.

5 Ways to Have a Great First Date With a Girl You Met Online

3) Flatter Her

Once you meet her in real life, and if you're interested in moving things along, be sure to let her know what it is that you like about her–within reason.

Compliment her clothes, eyes, hair, voice, etc.–she's likely nervous, so this will reassure her that you like her and will make her more comfortable with you.

Tell her how impressed you are with her career, education, or parenting.

Say that she's poised or well-spoken. (Leave her boobs and buns out of the conversation.)

But, really, only flatter if you can do so honestly.

And intersperse it with regular conversation.

“Wow, that's quite an insight. I never thought of that song's lyrics in that way. You're clearly someone who thinks deeply and out of the box!”  For example.

But don't lie to her–fake compliments are obvious and tiresome.

Her B.S. meter will likely register your fakeness and you'll be backtracking.

Honest compliments, on the other hand, serve two important purposes.

First, they let her know that you're interested, and that's important for taking things to the next level.

Second, compliments let her know, in a positive way, that you're paying attention.

She told you things about herself for a reason. She chose the clothes that she did for a reason.

Whatever those reasons may be, you need to notice the things that she does and says, so that her reasons for saying or doing things are validated.

The reason for this is comfort and confidence.

By paying attention, you help to make her feel more confident in herself and in the dating situation, as well as more comfortable with you.

Comfort and confidence will help her feel more positive about you and the circumstances of the date.

5 Ways to Have a Great First Date With a Girl You Met Online

4) Act a Little “Old-Fashioned”

There are plenty of folks who will contradict the advice I'm about to give you, but I've escalated plenty of first dates into the bedroom.

And maybe it's just superstition, but every time I've ended up in bed on a first date or scored an enthusiastic second date, I have paid for the lady's drink(s), meal, or whatever it was we did.

I really can't tell you how important this may be because I don't really know–in fact, to some women, it may not matter at all whether you pay.

But, you never really know. So, why not err on the side of caution?

My first date rule is to always be prepared to pay for both of you.

Don't want to spend too much? Then pick a place where you don't have to–but bring enough to cover the tab for yourself and the lady.

In my experience, the best way to cover the tab is to shut down the conversation about paying altogether.

Pay while she's away from the table, or simply pull the check toward you when it's presented.

If she objects, just say that she can get the next one.

And if there is a next one, let her.

The signal that this sends, ideally, is that you're a gentleman in the old-fashioned sense.

It also lets her know that you value her willingness to spend time with you.

If you go on a lot of first dates, you may run into the occasional sugar daddy-seeker, but you can generally weed them out pretty quickly.

Don't be cheap, but keep your wits about you.

5 Ways to Have a Great First Date With a Girl You Met Online

5) Have a Second Date Idea

Sometimes, you may end a date in bed. That depends on the lady.

Other times, you'll be in the situation of having to set up a second date to keep things progressing.

Therefore, it's always important to show up to a first date with an idea or two about a second date.

And you need to be prepared to ask her out, in person, on the first date.

In some cases, simply saying, “This was great! Should we do it again?” is enough, along with a follow-up phone call.

But in others, you'll need a concrete plan to keep her interested.

Once, I went on a date with a lady, and I really liked the way we were connecting.

But I could also tell that I would need a second date to keep things moving.

Before heading out that night, I'd noticed that a band we both liked was playing at a club the following week.

So, near the end of the first date, I asked her if she wanted to see the band the next Friday.

At the club, we were dancing, and she turned and kissed me. We ended the night at her place and went out regularly for several months.

Of course, these kinds of first dates do require some kind of work and preparation. So if you're feeling a little overwhelmed, or would like a little help preparing for yours… then you've gotta see this:

dating online

The Dating Expert’s Secret to First Date Success

I’ve gotta be honest with you–I don’t just waltz into my first dates expecting to have sex.

Especially with girls I meet online… when it comes to getting same-night sex, there is a certain level of finesse involved.

That’s why I always (and I do mean always) prepare for my first dates with a sort of “routine,” so to speak.

Obviously, I shower… shave… get cleaned up… but that’s not the most important part.

The part of my routine that seems to help me the most… the part that calms my nervous jitters, and makes me feel ultra-masculine & confident… is the 5 minutes I take to sit down before my date, and review this cool playbook.

When I first got it from one of our community leaders, I was kinda confused. Review a book before a first date? Isn’t that… kinda nerdy???

But when I opened it up… I saw it was filled with proven information about what turns women on during dates… and what makes them more likely to come home with you at the end of the night

(Like this, for example, which makes sex 45% more likely.)

Anyway, it’s been a valuable resource for me personally, and for many guys in our community… so if you’d like a little extra boost before your next first date, then I highly recommend you check this out:

Get the Dating Expert's Secret to First Date Success (Easy Way to Get Sex on the First Date)

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