Craig’s Challenge — Make Your Conversation “Cheat Sheet”

Craig’s Challenge — Make Your Conversation “Cheat Sheet”

3 Easy Steps to Creating a Conversation Cheat Sheet:

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Hey there… it’s Craig. And I’ve got a new weekly feature for you. Every Friday, I’m going to issue a new challenge for you for the weekend. If you execute and learn from them faithfully, I guarantee you’ll soon have more dates than a calendar…

Alright guys, this week I have a fun challenge for you that will 100% help you get laid.

I want you to create a “Conversation Cheat Sheet.”

If you’re a shy guy or someone who isn’t great at chatting up hot girls in public, having a cheat sheet can be super helpful.

So let’s discuss a few pointers that will help you start building your own this week.

How to Start a Conversation with Hot Girls in Public

The opening line is the most important part. Screw this up and nothing else you have in your toolbox matters because that hot girl you wanted to talk to will instantly dismiss you.

So what’s the perfect conversation starter?


Not just any compliments. Saying something like “nice legs” or “great butt” will be more likely to get you a slap across the cheek than a phone number.

But compliments she can take credit for.

My favorite is “I like your style” because you can take that a bunch of different ways.

I go into way, way more detail here, but that’s the gist of it.

Craig’s Challenge — Make Your Conversation “Cheat Sheet”

How to Keep a Conversation Going

Now that we’re rolling, how do you keep the convo going?

My buddy David Dupree has 3 great ways that he swears by.  

One is a 3-step “sentence generator” that’s practically an algorithm for keeping a conversation interesting and keeping her interested. 

David’s next suggestion is to change the subject frequently. If you get stuck on any subject for too long with a girl you barely know, she’ll think you’re obsessed with whatever that thing is.

Last is what he calls “Plowing the Field vs. Digging a Hole” in conversation. More details here >>

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Conversation Cheat Sheet

For more in-depth guidance on building your own cheat sheet, check out this article by David.

This isn’t some lame script, just good solid advice you can personalize for yourself. Check it out.

He does a deep-dive into how to tap into your masculine energy, unleash her feminine energy, and use both to create electric conversations with virtually any woman that will make her hot for you.

Alright fellas, now you’ve got the info you need. Time to get to work.

Craig’s Challenge — Make Your Conversation “Cheat Sheet”

How to Build a Deep Connection With a Woman In Minutes…

When it comes to meeting, attracting, seducing a woman, and getting her to fall for you, it’s typically a lot easier than people believe.

You meet the girl, you flirt, and you make a move.

That’s like three things!

However… I also understand this is an oversimplified explanation.

And I also know that flirting is complicated. If you say one wrong thing, there likely won’t be much of a connection between you two… and you’re probably going to get rejected when you make a move.

So what’s a man to do?

Simple, touch her more. 

Touching has a calming effect on people, because it releases vital hormones into a person’s system, like oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine.

But there’s a drawback…

You’re not going to meet a woman, start touching her, and next thing you know she’s shoving her tongue down your throat.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

If you don’t touch enough you get friendzoned… if you touch too much then you might creep her out… but when you touch her in the right spots and at the right times, then that’s where the magic happens.

She’ll become more receptive to your flirting, and probably flirt a lot more too.

You’ll also notice she’ll touch you more, and feel more comfortable opening up.

And when you touch her the right way… not only will a deep connection happen faster…

But there also won’t be any resistance when you do decide to make a move and go for the kiss… or ask her to come home with you.

But like I said…

There’s a fine line between being smooth, and coming off as a total creep:

Click here right now and learn how to touch women in a way that makes them open up, and allows you to build a deep and lasting connection with them in no time. 

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