7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Water Immersion (Including Better Blood Flow, Bigger Loads & A Testosterone Boost!)

cold water immersion

What Is Cold Water Immersion & How Can It Boost Your Performance in The Bedroom? Here’s Everything You Need To Know…

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I want you to imagine you have just set foot in an ice-cold lake.

The shiver that goes up your spine isn’t enough to stop you though, and you continue to stride forward until you are up to your neck.

You push off the bottom and proceed in a frigid journey to the center of the lake. Somehow, the initial shock has turned to a feeling of poignant peace.

What’s happening?

A whole lot of mental and physical health benefits.

You may already know that more and more men today are experiencing low testosterone levels, which can lead to all kinds of health issues as well as decreased sex drive and a sunken mood.

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Eager to address the root of these issues, many men are turning to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

However, many are reluctant to try TRT because it is a very involved and expensive process.

Fortunately, TRT is not the ONLY solution to low testosterone.

There are many less invasive ways to address low T, such as through diet, exercise, supplements, and good sleep hygiene. But what many men have been very excited about is cold-water immersion.

I don’t blame them–I gave it a try myself and it is J-U-I-C-Y.

So what’s the deal with cold water? How does it boost testosterone levels?

So What’s The Deal With “Cold Water Immersion” & What Can It Do For Your Testosterone Levels?

If you have ever taken a cold shower or gone for a swim in an alpine lake, you already KNOW that something major happens when your body and cold water meet. 

Indeed, quite a lot is happening when you submerge in a body of water that feels like freshly melted ice.

One of the effects is a boost of adrenaline, which triggers a response similar to one you have when you’re sick–your immune system orders for the production of more antibodies.

Only, you’re not sick, you’re just in cold water!

The dispatch of those antibodies boosts your immunity against an illness that may be about to set in. Plus, the cold water forces your lymph nodes to contract, which flushes fluid throughout your body and clears out waste.

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A study in the Archives of Andrology found that cold water increases sperm production, and a study in another medical journal found benefits to sperm shape and motility. 

Furthermore, benefits of cold water immersion may include improved circulation…

Increased metabolism…

And reduced inflammation–allowing for more efficient testosterone production and muscle recovery.

Because of this, more and more athletes are incorporating ice baths or cold water dips into their post-training regimen. Some gyms even have small coldwater pools that you can enjoy after your workout.

Regularly dipping in ice-cold water is a great way to get the most out of your workouts.

While you will certainly enjoy physical benefits from ice plunges, you may also likely find it to be an incredible boost to your mental health.

There’s nothing like ice-cold water to anchor you into the present moment, and the crisp clarity that results from these epic excursions acts as a powerful reset.

Cold water therapy is even being considered as a treatment for anxiety and depression.

How To Take The Plunge Into Cold Water For MAX Bedroom Benefits…

If you are going to go the natural route and submerge in a body of water, make sure you have done some research beforehand to know how to go about it safely. 

You’ll want to have someone with you and be ready with warm clothes and a hot drink when you finish.

Definitely do not dive in as you may not be prepared for the shock of the cold!

Immersing outdoors can make for a very beautiful and memorable experience. You’ll likely look forward to the next one–maybe it will become a weekly ritual!

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If there are no cold bodies of water near you, don’t fret–you can still participate in this trendy testosterone booster by filling your bathtub with cold water and a bucket of ice.

Ease into the tub and when you feel ready, let your head under too. Note that hypothermia starts at 30 minutes!

Chances are you probably won’t want to stay in that long anyway.

That’s Not All… 

If you’re looking after your health and seeking ways to boost testosterone, definitely consider cold-water immersion. 

While this resource for well-being is becoming very popular today, it has been used for its benefits for centuries. Cold-water immersion offers a harmless and invigorating alternative to TRT for those looking to balance their hormones.

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Now go back to the scene you imagined at the beginning of this article…your body has peacefully adapted to the cold, no longer sending signals or alarm through every cell of your being.

You are deeply present in your body and aware of your surroundings.

Thoughts drop off and a spaciousness replaces them. You’re released into the moment just as it is, no longer projecting anything onto it, or resisting it, or attaching to it.

There’s a purity to it, and an unmistakable glimmer of ecstasy.

That's simply the power of cold water immersion. 🙂

Of course, I do realize this extreme level of cold isn't for everybody…

So here's an alternative way to get the same exact benefits of cold water immersion–without the cold water:

cold water immersion

Want An Easier Way to Boost Your Health & Bedroom Performance… Without Cold Water?

I’m not going to lie… taking a soak in freezing cold 33-degree water sounds as appealing as getting kicked in the balls. *cringe*

Not to mention you may experience a bit of, ahem… shrinkage.

Luckily, there’s more than one way to boost your blood flow… and get the bedroom-boosting benefits of cold water immersion.

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What do you gotta do?

Simple… take the advice moms all over the world have been giving for years, and eat your veggies!

OK, I’m kidding… most vegetables will not magically transform your d!ck into a diamond dildo overnight.

However… there are 5 particular plant-based foods that have been proven to potentially increase circulation…

And help get more blood flowing down to your extremities… including *down there.*

Which means when you eat these veggies often enough (most men say 4-5x a week)… you may get erections that feel harder… and look bigger…

You’ll have more energy to last longer…

And basically, your boners are gonna be on-point… no matter what. 😉

(Which as a woman, I have to say is a HUGE turn-on…)

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