Last Longer in Bed: Follow the “Blue Zone Diet”

blue zone diet for better sex
Check out how to follow the blue zone diet for better sex below…

Follow the Blue Zone Diet For Better Sex… And F**k Like the Energizer Bunny Until You’re 100!

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I love sex.

Don’t we all?  🙂

I’m a younger guy with a raging sex drive…

And, honestly, the thought of losing my desire for sex or my enjoyment of women when I get older is something that keeps me up at night.

Sadly, as many people know, sexual desire fades in men as our testosterone levels begin to lower after age 40, as explained by this Harvard study.

I know many of these men.

Their relationships suffer.

They lose their sense of manhood.

Sometimes they even lose their entire sense of purpose…

But there is hope.

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Actually, I found it in a pretty surprising place:

While reading National Geographic a couple years ago, I learned about these places called “Blue Zones.”

Basically, these are specific geographical locations around the world where people live into their 90s and even 100s much more frequently than anywhere else.

And you know what else happens there?

Sex.  Well past the age where most people are still able to do it… like people in their 80s and 90s are still going at it.

How is that possible?

Read on to find out what these regions can tell us about extending our lives and sex lives:

Yep, Banging is Good for You…

People in Blue Zones appear to have way, WAY more sex than most people as they age…

For example, this one place in Greece says that more than 80% of its residents aged 65-100 are sexually active.

That’s more than double the rate (40%) of most 65-80 year olds who are sexually active, according to some studies.

However, we arrive at a chicken or egg problem early in this story:

Is the Blue Zone inhabitants longer life the cause of their extended sex lives… 

Or do their sexual appetites lead to longer life?

(And does it matter?  Because without sex, who wants to live that long, lol…)

The good news for us is that it appears anyone who is having lots of sex can get health benefits.

In one study by the British Journal of Medicine, more orgasms in men were found to decrease cardiovascular mortality risk.

More sex is also linked to other postive outcomes.

Everyone knows we need sleep.


The negative health and cognitive effects of sleep deprivation are well established.

As it turns out, frequent sex causes us to experience better sleep.

This is because our orgasm results in the production of the hormone oxytocin, which helps us go to sleep faster and sleep more soundly.

It isn’t called “The Cuddle Hormone” for nothing.

We’ve all experienced this.

When we’re sexually frustrated, we can toss and turn for hours.

But after a good roll in the hay, we conk right out…

Last Longer in Bed: Follow the “Blue Zone Diet”

Community: Keeps You Happy, Which Keeps You Hard…

This isn’t something that you can buy with one click.

Or solve instantly.

But the Indian Journal of Community Medicine found something interesting when studying the Okinawa, Japan Blue Zone.

(It’s worth mentioning that this specific island is the poorest province of Japan.) 

It was ravaged during WWII. 

And presently has 20% of its land mass occupied by American military bases.

Shockingly, it’s still a fountain of youth.

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Okinawa was even nicknamed “The Land of the Immortals” in ancient Chinese legends thousands of years ago.

The Journal notes that a significant reason for the longevity of these Japanese centenarians is their personal and social habits.

These folks have tons of hobbies.

Like gardening, tai chi, and other hobbies known to decrease stress levels and increase their overall sense of belonging to their community and environment.

For men, this makes a lot of sense.

Working with our hands on something tangible like wood or dirt gives us a definitive sense of accomplishment.

Martial arts gyms — such as the so-hot-right-now Brazilian jiu-jitsu — provide a community.

If you’ve ever been to a jiu-jitsu gym, listened to Joe Rogan, or Jocko Willink, you know that these places are some of the most welcoming, community-oriented, kindest places a person can find themselves.

So, however you can get stress relief and community in a healthy way, do it.

Whether that’s a men’s hockey or softball league, the golf course, special interest clubs, whatever.

Because stress is a major cause of  “limp noodles,” it makes perfect sense that in areas with low stress, you would also find high libidos…

Even among the very oldest citizens…

Last Longer in Bed: Follow the “Blue Zone Diet”

You Are What You Eat: The Blue Zone Diet

Every study on Blue Zones has found that their diet is a key contributor to the longevity of these centenarians.

Sadly, it turns out that we may want to cut back on the steaks.

Red meat has long been associated with increased heart risks. 

Your heart is at the core of your sexual health, because in order to get rock hard and long-lasting erections, you need excellent blood flow.

In fact, erectile dysfunction is often a common first symptom of heart disease.

According to the data, people in these areas eat much less red meat than the general population and eat LOTS of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

So if you want to live a long life and have great sex into your later years, ditch the burger and grab a salad.

On the bright side: they also drink lots of wine.

This source cites that Blue Zone centenarians never drink soft drinks (which account for about 50% of Americans sugar intake).

These frisky 100-somethings appear to drink only coffee, tea, water, and wine.

But what if you don’t want to give up steaks? There’s a solution for that…

Last Longer in Bed: Follow the “Blue Zone Diet”

The “Blue Zone Diet” For MAXIMUM Hardness (As Long as Possible)

So you love your food…but you didn't realize that what you eat could kill your erections…

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You just need to add THESE 5 foods to your diet.

In Blue Zones around the world, men eat TONS of these foods…

And they report higher sexual stamina, harder, longer-lasting erections, and their women report more satisfying orgasms.

In fact, women in these “Blue Zone” countries report having more orgasms than women in most other places in the world…

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