Is It True? Do Men Who Blow Bigger Loads Give Hot Girls Better Orgasms? (Details Inside)

blow bigger loads

How To Blow Bigger Loads & The Bizarre Reason Why Hot Girls Love It So Much…

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While there are tons of great things about sex, most people agree the deed has one ultimate goal:

Both partners should have an orgasm… right?

But chances are you don’t know just how important your orgasm is for her sexual pleasure.

Now, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re a very generous lover.

I’m certain that you put her pleasure first all the time. What you’re about to learn will give you another way to do this, while making time between the sheets even more enjoyable for both of you.

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Do you know the term “symbiotic”?

“Symbiotic” means something that is good for everyone involved. Symbiotic relationships appear many places in nature, often between different animal species.

Ok, this is not an article about furries. Bear with me here (no pun intended).

Ever heard of those little fish that swim around a big fish, cleaning its scales, and in return get protection from predators? That is a symbiotic relationship.

I’m about to reveal a surprising symbiotic benefit in the bedroom that has been completely hidden—until now.

There’s one thing you can do during sex that is definitely adding to her pleasure.

And no, it’s not that move you learned in college. At least not this time.

Are you ready for it?

Can YOUR Orgasm Truly Give HER More Pleasure?

All you have to do to boost your lover’s enjoyment is have an orgasm.

You read that right—not get her to orgasm, though that’s another goal—but to have one yourself.

Wait, seriously?

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But what about all that talk about putting her pleasure first and building your endurance?

Well, those things are still important to giving a lady a good experience.

But it turns out your happy ending contributes to her pleasure, too.

Experts conducted a sexual survey on the subject and published it in an academic journal. What did the study reveal?

First off, half of women think it’s very important that a man has an orgasm—and ejaculates—during sex.

But that’s not the whole reason your orgasm is important for her pleasure.

Women actually experience more pleasure when their partner ejaculates.


The Bizarre Reason Why Bigger Loads Mean Better Pleasure (For Both Of You)…

Well, there’s some psychology involved here.

When a woman gets you off, she feels hot.

Think about it:

If you’re doing the dirty with someone who seems totally bored, you’re probably not going to enjoy it very much, either.

So if she can get you to that edge and push you over, she’s going to feel pretty good about herself.

And when a lady feels sexy, she has a better time during sex. That’s my favorite kind of math. 😉

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But there are also physical reasons that she has more pleasure.

When you’re able to achieve an orgasm, you’re likely to be performing at your best. You know what I mean—all of the plumbing is working as it should, giving her an ideal experience.

So, there you have it.

Male ejaculation is very important for female pleasure during sex. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back.

But Not All Orgasms Are Created Equal…

How did the experts get their information? I bet you’re wondering what the inside of that lab looks like. Lots of pillows? Body oil? French ticklers?

Well, probably not. I mean, who knows?

Scientists should have fun, too. But this info about male ejaculation and female pleasure came from a massive survey of hundreds of women.

These honest gals offered some fascinating facts. Believe it or not, more than half didn’t care whether their dude orgasmed before they did, or after.

And almost a quarter of the women surveyed said that their orgasms were more intense because of their partner’s ejaculations.

But here’s where it gets really interesting.

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It turns out that not all ejaculations are created equal!

That’s right. Women were more turned on by greater quantity and greater orgasm intensity.

This is all great news if everything is working smoothly down there. But what if you’re having a little trouble in the hardness department, or maybe it’s tough for you to climax?

What if you just aren’t in the mood as often anymore?

There are plenty of practical actions you can take to boost your sexual health and give the lady (or the ladies—no judgment here) what she wants.

First, and with perks: focus on your overall health.

Getting enough sleep, eating well, and avoiding smoking or excess alcohol can keep both you and your partner on track to a happy ending. I’m guessing you’ve heard of whiskey d*ck? The experts in this study don’t recommend it.

If that’s not cutting it, or if you need a little more help, we’ve got you covered too.

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Is It True? Do Men Who Blow Bigger Loads Give Hot Girls Better Orgasms? (Details Inside)

What Can You Do to Blow Bigger Loads Right Now?

So far I’ve shown you why women LOVE when you blow bigger loads…

… and why when you have bigger orgasms, the women you sleep with will have bigger orgasms too…

BUT… how do you actually go about producing these “monster loads”?

We reached out to sexologists, scientific experts and even a few pornstars to find out…

… and by far the two biggest pieces of advice they could give were:

1) Drink a LOT of water before sex… and

2) Eat more bloodflow-boosting foods.

Because when you come, part of it is water, and so when you drink more water you can ejaculate more…

And when you eat certain bloodflow-boosting foods, it gets way more blood pumping *down there*

… which is basically like transforming your d*ck from a squirtgun, into a mega-supersoaker that doesn’t stop. 😉

There are 5 of these bloodflow-boosting foods in all…

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