How to Become an Interesting Man

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Last week I was on the phone with an old student of mine.

While we were talking, he asked about some of the conversations he’s heard me have with women while I was coaching him.

He’s probably heard about 3 full conversations I had with women during our coaching sessions, all of which led to me getting phone numbers and dates.

He was very confused about why these women were so interested in me, and why I never ran out of things to say.

More than anything, he wished he had more to talk about and asked what he could do to “sound” more interesting.

Become an Interesting Man–the Secret Revealed!

I told him that there is NOTHING you can do to “sound” more interesting–if you want more things to talk about, you simply have to do more things!

He didn’t like what I had said, but deep down, somewhere in his subconscious mind, he knew it was true. To “sound” interesting you actually have to be interesting!

In my experience, a lot of men want to fake being interesting, or fake their way through conversations with women. The thought of actually doing some work to improve themselves makes them shiver with fear.

But the harsh reality is YOU WILL ONLY ATTRACT WHAT YOU DESERVE! Nothing more and nothing less. And your conversations will only be as interesting as you are!

Another Way to Think About It…

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If you want to date and sleep with beautiful women who are 9’s and 10’s, then you have no choice but to become a 9 or 10 yourself!

You will never date out of your league, and the same holds true for women. You date your equivalent whether you believe it or not.

You may be having the argument with yourself that you’ve seen super hot chicks with ugly guys or you see a super hot chick with a guy who has no money.

And yes, I had that same mentality as you in the past. But I’ve come to learn that even though there’s a difference between the man’s and woman’s perceived external value, their internal value is the same!

That fat guy with the hot chick may not be the same value in looks, but I can guarantee that he has other things about him that makes up the difference.

Maybe it’s his sense of humor, confidence, adventurousness, life experiences, etc.

Or maybe she’s super hot but on the inside she’s quite boring, low self esteem, etc.

Whatever it is, they’re a match!

Like I said, you will only attract what you deserve.

A 2-Part System to Become A More Interesting Guy

So, how does this factor into becoming more interesting or not running out of things to say?


Let’s break it down into two parts and we’ll see how they actually connect themselves and lend to each other.

Part 1: How to “Sound” More Interesting

If you want to sound more interesting, you have to become more interesting! Stop looking for the easy way out.

In order for you to come across as interesting to women you have to lead an interesting life. Are you following your dreams? Are you challenging yourself everyday to become a better person?

Here’s a short list of things you can do to start becoming more interesting:

Hobbies: Have some hobbies that you enjoy and pursue them with vigor. Not only is it a natural conversation-starter, but it also can generate real attraction if it’s something that she’s interested in too.

Travel: With each new destination you visit you will enhance yourself intellectually and spiritually. Plus you’ll probably build up a lot of good stories over the course of your travels.

Diet: Experiment with healthy eating alternatives. Women LOVE men who take care of their bodies and are health conscious.

Books/Education: Smart is sexy. More importantly, being smart also shows that you have a passion for knowledge, and women love passionate men.

Career: Follow your dreams. Become an entrepreneur or the very best at what you do. Much like passion, motivation and drive are excellent aphrodisiacs.

Gym: Do you workout or practice yoga? Bike ride or hike? These are all things that lend themselves to meeting women, going out on dates, or just good conversation.

Purpose: Having a driving purpose is an amazing way to become more interesting. Donate your time to the needy. Have a strong position on global warming and actually do something about it. A strong purpose is a true sign of masculinity!

Those are just a few ways to become more interesting. The possibilities are really endless!

Part 2: How to Never Run Out of Things to Say to a Woman

Are you trying to tell me that if you are actually doing some of things I just listed above that you would still be worried about running out of things to talk about with women?

Impossible! You would literally be filling your life with experiences that you can talk about for days on end.

The more active you are in life, the more you will naturally have to talk about with women, and the more attractive you will become to them.

It’s a win-win situation. Not only will you work on yourself to attract more and higher quality women into your life, but you’ll also keep the benefits of all the work you’ve done on yourself.

Both you and the woman benefit!

Believe it or not, women can smell “interesting” on a man! When you actually become an interesting person, you never have to worry about sounding interesting. again–it’ll just be a natural part of who you are. You’ll find women competing to be around you whether you’re talking or not.

You’ll naturally start to become “that guy” women perceive as sexy, high value, smart, cultured, interesting…

And you’ll all-of-a-sudden find yourself in the very unique position of having to fight them off!

My Action Plan to Become an Interesting Man

1) Write down 4 things that you’ve always wanted to try that may seem unachievable right now. This is your “dream list” of things that you want to accomplish in life, but that you’re scared to death to try to make happen.

2) Then list 4 things that you would like to do that you know you have immediate access to. For example, you can’t “become a movie star” immediately, but you could take acting lessons.

3) Carve out a few hours one day a week to researching and pursuing items on your list from number two. It can be as simple as making a phone call or going as far as actively enrolling in classes for something.

As a more concrete example, you could do anything from watching a YouTube video on how to play guitar to signing up for guitar lessons from an expert.

4) Start to connect the dots between these small, concrete steps you’re taking and the bigger picture from step one above. Are there intermediate steps you need to take? Start researching and figuring these out, as well.

5) Finally, start getting positive feedback. Share your newfound hobbies and skills with supportive friends and family, as well as on social media. See how impressed your friends and family are with your achievements.

Then the next time you go out on a date, you’ll have plenty to talk about!

It’s as simple as that.

The Final Key to Connecting With Women “Beyond the Conversation”…

Even if you’re the most interesting man in the world, you won’t be able to attract any woman you come across.

She might be married…or she might have a boyfriend…or she might just not “vibe” with you completely.

And so it’s inevitable that some of these girls will reject you, and you’ll be left hurting from her shrug-off…


Maybe not.

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of hidden signs that girls give you that show that they’re interested in you?

They’re easy to miss, but once you know them, you’ll be able to focus on the hot girls that are interested in you, and not waste any more time on the ones who aren’t.

More importantly, by focusing on the girls who are already interested in you, you’ll never have to face the painful sting of rejection again.

Just click here now to see the 7 most important hidden signs she likes you, and start your journey to a rejection-free life today.

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