My Battle-Hardened Texting Formula That Gets Girls to Respond, Guaranteed

My Battle-Hardened Texting Formula That Gets Girls to Respond, Guaranteed

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What’s up, I’m Nico Sanchez, I've been a dating and seduction expert for over a decade now, and today I'm going to share with you how to land a date really quickly over text. 

I’m gonna be straight up right now… a long time ago I was an ATROCIOUS texter. 

I had gotten to the point where I was no longer anxious about talking to women, I had no problem getting phone numbers, and I was even making out with women I had met that night without much of a problem. 

But then for some reason it all fell apart when I let my thumbs loose to do some messaging. 

Women seemed to quickly lose interest.

Many just straight up stopped replying to me. 

And some would tell me they saw me more as a friend (sometimes even if we had hooked up in the past). 

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I wasn’t the only one, a few of my good friends were getting mixed results, and I couldn’t find anyone online who seemed to know what they were doing. So I sought to test out and experiment with different techniques and messages until I cracked this texting code. 

First things first… 

I had to figure out how to get a woman to agree to go on a date… and I soon discovered that the faster you ask her the higher your chances of landing a date

I used to spend WEEKS messaging a girl memes, trying to get to know her, and constantly tried to stay on her radar only to get friend zoned. 

As soon as I shifted tactics I found women to be a lot more responsive and willing to meet up.

After years of trial and error and refining my tactics, I’ve found several sequences (types of text, if you will) that can land you a date, often within only 5 texts. 

Today I want to talk about my favorite type of text…the “Curiosity Tickler.”

What is “The Curiosity Tickler”?

First and foremost the purpose of the curiosity tickler is to get a woman to respond to your message. 

But it does more than that… 

It’s not just designed to get her to respond, it was created to get her to smile, grab her attention, and make you stick out from the sea of guys battling for her attention. 

And it accomplishes this all while being straightforward and demonstrating you have grapefruit sized testicles, AND minimizing risk! 

Yes… this sh*t is powerful.

(Side-note: most women crave bold men, if you’re not bold enough to take a risk over text and show that you’re interested, then lots of women are going to pass you up in your life). 

This text is quite possibly the most important in this sequence, and if you scroll down I’ll show you specific examples (as well as the responses I’ve gotten), but before you do, you have to be aware of the four elements that make up this text. 

My Battle-Hardened Texting Formula That Gets Girls to Respond, Guaranteed

The 4 Elements Of The Curiosity Tickler 

1. Uniqueness

This text is what’s known as a pattern interrupt. 

It makes her stop in her tracks and forces her to reread the message, because it’s likely to be something she’s never experienced before. 

If your Curiosity Tickler text doesn’t make you stick out from the sea of “what’s up”, “how are you?”, and other lame messages she gets 15 times a day from new guys, then you’re not doing it right.

2. Cuteness

This element ties in with the above. 

From my experience in the dating advice industry one recurring pattern I’ve seen is that men tend to text women the same way they text other men.

Most men aren’t speaking the same language as women when it comes to dating, and end up losing her because his message gets lost in translation. 

By adding an element of cuteness (often something tied with childhood nostalgia, as you’ll see below) you’re not just standing out… you’re speaking a familiar language, and she is more likely to respond. 

My Battle-Hardened Texting Formula That Gets Girls to Respond, Guaranteed

3. Flirtiness/ Directness

Like I mentioned before, women crave bold men and men who take risks. 

By directly telling her you’re interested, or find her attractive (even though it’s over text) you’re automatically standing out from the majority of men in her phone. 

But don’t forget… This text has a cute factor. 

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By adding the cuteness and speaking her language you’re drastically lowering your risk of rejection, or coming off too strong, WHILE still very clearly showing interest. 

You’re going to see exactly how this plays out in just a moment. 

4. Ask a Question

While it’s important to make her smile, what’s more important is getting her to respond, because you need to get the conversation flowing in order to land a date. 

The best way to get the conversation flowing is by asking a question. 

Now that you’re aware of what the elements required to craft the perfect “Curiosity Tickler” text, I’m going to show you a formula for crafting this text. 

Then, we’ll look at  specific examples I created, as well as seeing them used in action with three different girls, all of which I met in the same week.

The Curiosity Tickler Equation 

Here is the text broken down to its simplest components so you can craft your own in the future.

 (Introduction) + (cutesy compliment) + (question) = Curiosity Tickler Text.

It’s really that simple, follow this formula, make sure your text has the 4 elements I mentioned above, and you should get a response pretty quickly if done right. 

I’m going to share with you three different examples, the first one is the Curiosity Tickler that I use the most, and which has gotten me some incredible results. 

The second is one I’ve used many times in the past, but I retired it because I’ve used it too often, and I just brought it back for the sake of this article. 

And the third example is hypothetical, just to show how easy the formula is to follow. 

My Battle-Hardened Texting Formula That Gets Girls to Respond, Guaranteed

Example 1:

(Introduction) Hey ____, it’s Nico from ______! 

+ (Cutesy compliment): It was great to meet you, not only are you ridiculously adorable, but you were so much fun, and I’m not gonna lie… for some reason I kind of wanna hold your hand and skip down the street with you 🙂 

+ (Question): What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into this evening?

Example 2: 

Hey it’s ____, Nico from ______! 

+ (Cutesy compliment): You were a blast to hang out with, and you’re absolutely wonderful 🙂 Not gonna lie, if we met back in the first grade I probably would have proposed to you with a ring pop lmao 

+ (Question): What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into this evening? 

Example 3:

Hey ____, it’s Nico from ______! 

+ (Cutesy compliment): I really enjoyed talking to you last night, not gonna lie… I’m tempted to take down my no girls allowed sign from my blanket fort, and make an exception just for you, so we can snuggle, sip some wine, and watch Pixar movies all night 🙂 haha 

+ (Question): Any fun plans for the weekend? 

SIDENOTE: I forgot to mention, I like using her name in the text because… well… people like hearing their names, and I feel like this ups my chances of getting a response. 

In email marketing for example, mentioning your recipients name increases your chances to get your email opened by a significant amount

The same psychology applies to texting attractive women.

My Battle-Hardened Texting Formula That Gets Girls to Respond, Guaranteed

Possible Responses

If you sent a curiosity tickler text, then there are several ways she could have responded. 

1. No Response

As I mentioned before, this is totally fine. 

No need to rush to conclusions. Give her some time. If she still hasn't responded after 48 hours, then send her another message. 

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And if she STILL doesn't respond to that, then count that as strike two, send her one more text a week later.

If she doesn't respond then, then you can say for certain she's not interested. Patience is key after sending the first message 

2. A moderate response

Some women get these texts, and they're skeptical. 

They might think you're trying to get in her pants, or they need more convincing. They might respond with ‘why is that?' or might just put a lol. 

But don't be discouraged. Any response is better than no response. 

And honestly some girls just aren't that into texting, so it could be that she's interested in you, just not interested in texting in general. 

3. An amazing response

This is when you KNOW things are going to go well. She basically laughs, and tells you it's cute, and it should be smooth sailing from here. 

My Battle-Hardened Texting Formula That Gets Girls to Respond, Guaranteed

When You Get An Amazing Response… Here’s How to Get Her to Come to Your Place SPECIFICALLY For Sex…

If she gives you an amazing response… it’s also the perfect time to “push the envelope” a little bit… and see if she’s feeling a little bit horny…

After all… if she’s feeling good about you… and she’s getting hot and horny… if you ask her over to “Netflix and chill”… she’s probably going to accept!

HOWEVER… it’s not as simple as texting her “Yo let’s f**k”…

(I mean, I guess sometimes it is haha… but she has to be REALLY horny for you for that to work… and most girls aren’t quite THAT randy from the get-go)…

So instead of being THAT forward… I’d recommend using these 5 texts that get her to come over specifically for sex.

Each one is written by my mentor, the legendary Glenn Pearce… and it’s field-tested and proven to get hot girls to come over to your place…

Strip down to their underwear…

Unzip your pants…

And… well… you can imagine what comes next…

It all starts with the 5 texts below–copy-and-paste them to a girl you wanna bang right away to get laid tonight:

5 Copy-&-Paste Texts That Get Her to Come Straight Over For Sex…

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