QUIZ: Have These 5 Common “Sexual Blunders” Happened To You?

Do You Know These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes?

Bad Sex Can Be Cringe-worthy, But It’s Not Always Clear What “Bad” Is–Do You Know These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes?

It's no secret that sex can be a lot of fun… especially when it's good.

But a lot of people don't talk about what exactly “good” sex is… so it's difficult to tell if the woman you're with is really enjoying what you're doing.

On the flip side though — what women do talk about is when sex is not good.

Whether it's awkward, funny, or straight up embarrassing… bad sex is one of the easiest ways to kiss a good woman goodbye.

But what constitutes “bad” sex? Thanks to a new study, we finally have the answers.

The study in question examined 2,000 men and women and asked them about the best and worst sex they've had.

As a result, the researchers were able to pinpoint the 5 most common “sexual blunders” men make.

So with that in mind, we developed a 5-question quiz to help you figure out whether or not you've been able to avoid the most common sex mistakes that send women running.

Beginning with question number one:

Do You Know These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes?

1) Have You Ever Gotten a Muscle Cramp During Sex?

According to the study, over 13% of the participants have cramped up during sex before —  it was by far the most commonly reported “sexual blunder.”

I know, I know — you can't really prevent a muscle cramp. So if it happens to you during sex, what do you do?

Well, other than stopping the encounter entirely, there's not a whole lot to be done. Your best bet is to be honest, ask her to slow down, and maybe go back to foreplay for a while.

You don't have to stop the sex cold turkey unless you're legitimately in pain. And if that's the case, then you should absolutely stop and rest for a little.

Do You Know These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes?

2) Have You Ever Left the Windows Open Beforehand?

Just over 11% of the study participants said they had left the window open before sex.

Leaving the window open is a potentially embarrassing experience if you have neighbors close by or live on the first floor of a building in a crowded city…

However, it doesn't really have to be embarrassing!

If you're isolated, for example, keeping your windows open might actually be a good idea (to get some fresh air).

So don't freak out if you've done this before — just remember to shut your windows (and don't forget the blinds!) if you have nosy neighbors.

Do You Know These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes?

3) Have You Ever Knocked Something Over During Sex?

Of the 2,000 participants, nearly 10% reported having knocked something over during sex.

Sure, knocking over a lamp or a glass of wine can ruin the mood if it breaks or spills onto something important…

However, it's important to remember that sex is allowed to get a little messy. That's OK!

So if you knock over a book, or her pillows fall off of the bed, don't fret. In fact, it's probably a sign that the sex you're having is good.

Do You Know These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes?

4) Has Anyone Ever Walked in On You During Sex?

This one's a biggie — being walked in on can feel pretty embarrassing.

When you're naked with a woman, in the heat of the moment… there's nothing worse than having your roommate kill the experience by walking right in and asking if you want to play World of Warcraft.

So if this happens to you, the best thing you can do is make sure the woman you're with is covered up and comfortable first. Then you can cover yourself up and handle the situation as you see fit.

But if you really want to stop this from happening… there's one really easy solution:

Lock your freaking door! It's that simple. And if you don't have a lock, it's probably not a bad idea to invest in one.

Do You Know These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes?

5) Have You Ever Felt Like You Don’t Last “Long Enough”?

I don’t know how many times I’ve been attracted to a “jock” or some suave “player” type… only to be really disappointed by how long he lasts in bed.

It’s always one pump, two pump, three pump and… done.


Of course, I tell him it's “fine”… and that we can “try again sometime”… but I never return his texts or see him again.

And then there was Tim… ah, Tim.

Tim was a little bit older than the guys I normally date… and he was shorter and pretty quiet once we got to the bar…

But I dunno… there was something about him… so I asked him to come home with me.

And OMG… he blew my expectations completely out of the water! He just… kept… on… going…

We did it so many different ways… and I came like 8 times… I kinda lost count (lol)… and when I woke up a couple hours later… he was still hard.

“Holy s–t!” I said to him… “Do you have some kinda sexual superpower or something?”

He shook his head and a sly smile crept over his face … then he pulled out his phone and showed me this:

Discover How to Last as Long as You Want in Bed (No Prescriptions Required!)

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