FREE GIFT: 8 “Eye Contact Tricks” That Make Her Approach You (No Talking)…

FREE GIFT: 8 "Eye Contact Tricks" That Make Her Approach You (No Talking)...

And this will help you seal the deal with her^^^

In case you want a quick “Cheat Sheet,” here’s are Magic's 8 Top Tips:

1) If you haven’t talked to her yet, make an eye contact as long as possible without making it uncomfortable… then slowly look away…and repeat.

2) Scan her head-to-toe, slowly and deliberately, to let her know that you’re not intimidated.

3) After 2–3 times of making eye contact… she’ll start to slowly get closer to you… and that’s when (if she doesn't make the first move, which she often will!) you should say “Hey” to her and shake her hand warmly.

4) If she’s shy or self-conscious, don’t worry about it: count between 4–7 seconds and see if she starts looking at you. 99% of the time, she’ll make an eye contact within the 3rd time of doing this…and be more receptive.

5) An easy way to talk to a woman if she’s making eye contact with you and walking past: playfully grab her hand and tell her, “You can’t make an eye contact like that with me and then just walk away!”

6) Women only date men who are superior to them in some way, not inferior. It’s not disrespect — it’s about confidence. Maintain strong, confident eye contact with her no matter what.

7) Compliment her with the right energy, don’t be rude, and don’t “worship” her. Add a “you know I mean that, right?” She needs to take your compliments seriously — you aren’t any other guy! (Watch video #4 to see it in action!)

8) Why eye contact is “rejection defense” — and why multiple eye contacts mean she’s interested!


Once She's Talking to You… Here's How to Bang Her…

Once she's chatting with you… it's much easier than you might think to “seal the deal” and bang her.

The secret? 

It's all about sexual chemistry.

The movies and TV shows tell you that sexual chemistry is something that's either “there”… or it's not.

Well that's not true at all.

It's a simple matter of (quite literally) pushing her buttons… and making her feel like you're “the guy for her”…

The way to do this?

Touch her like this.

These are 3 simple, “friendly”-seeming touches… that (when done in the right order) make her really horny for you… really quickly.

Magic will show you:

  • The exact right touches to use for fast sex…
  • The proper sequence/order to turn her on really quickly–once you know this, you'll be like an expert safecracker going through the steps to get into the most heavily-guarded vault with ease, and…
  • How to use these on the hottest girls you see… to make them putty in your hands… eager to peel off their panties for you…

(You'll also see Magic use these 3 “friendly” touches to take home a hot girl he just met that day on the beach).

Simply click the button below to get started now for FREE…

P.S. – If all else fails… this “no words” move works REALLY well to sleep with a hot chick you want… but a word of caution: it can make her REALLY clingy and want sex all the time from you too…

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[Exclusive Video Recipe]