The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

These Are The Exact Tips Hundreds of Men Have Used To Speed Up Their Success And Avoid Painful, Unnecessary Failure…

Hey, it’s Craig Miller here, founder of the Gotham Club…

Gotham Club has been around for nearly ten years. It’s an awesome support group of men and experts who can help you tackle challenges and reach success.

There are tons of specific tricks, techniques and systems you can follow to get the girls you and become a man who us naturally and effortlessly attractive…

Over the years, the men at Gotham Club have shared their secrets speed up their success and avoid dangerous mistakes.

I’ve selected the top 10 of these “commandments” that members have suggested over the years so you can increase speed of your success and avoid failure…

1) Try Everything Three Times

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

New techniques can fail the first time you try them… and even the second. This is why, we recommend you try everything three times until you’re sure they’re not for you. 


2) Avoid Info Overload

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

It might sound weird, but the biggest enemy is actually too much good information. School has trained us to memorize tons of info, however success usually comes from practice and real work experience. That’s we recommend you a ratio of 2-3 hours of “real world” practice for every hour you spend reading or learning.

This also ties strongly into Commandment #3…

3) Focus On One Thing

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

Focus on the one thing you need most to succeed. Not sure what that “one thing” is? Ask yourself: “what is the one place I’m getting stuck right now?” or ask: “what’s the one thing, if I knew it, that would make the biggest impact in my success right now?”


4) Create a Support System

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

In order to succeed you must have support from other people. This is scientifically proven.* Support can be in the form of experts like myself, Magic, Glenn and other experts who are here to help you, as well as friends and a wingmen who are with you on your path.


5) Embrace Failure

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

Sure, it’s not good to fail all the time – that will leave unhappy and drained of energy, but if you’re attempting something new, you’re likely to fail… and fail a lot!

I’ve failed too many times to count and I’ve seen tons of other club members fail too. Rejection is part of the game. You’ll become more mentally tough if you focus on the long term and think of your failures as inevitable bricks in the road you to your success.

Just avoid making mistakes twice and think of failures as “alerts” for areas you can improve

6) Embrace Discomfort

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

If you don’t feel uncomfortable, you’re might not pushing yourself hard enough.

Meeting women, building new habits and trying new techniques is likely going to feel weird and unnatural. It certainly won’t feel as warm and fuzzy as sitting on your couch watching TV.

Feeling uncomfortable is a critical part of progress and a sign you’re on the road to success!

7) State Your Goals

The 7 Pillars of Getting Girls Quickly & Easily

Most assume they naturally know what they want, yet they never bother to go through the motions of actually writing them down.

Studies show that people who write down their goals are 4-5x more likely to achieve them because it holds you more accountable.

Writing your goals also forces you to get clear on what you want and creates a physical “statement” of your desires. This is something you can look back at and that can sink deep into your subconscious to make a powerful impact.

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