Briana Banks, Alana Evans, & Edyn Blair Reveal…

Briana Banks, Alana Evans, & Edyn Blair Reveal...

“The Secret to Our Most Pleasurable Orgasms EVER!”

“What TRULY Matters About a Man's Penis”

Man, speaking to Brianna, Alana & Edyn has totally changed my sexlife.

Just when I was feeling like I was kinda good in the bedroom, these 3 famous pornstars totally shattered my reality.

Though I’m glad they did!

Turns out I’d been focusing on all the wrong things in the bedroom… and now I even believe that some past-lovers were probably faking it.

Though with the crazy insight the girls gave me… I’m noticing girls are getting much more pleasure. Louder screams, body moving uncontrollably, faster orgasms. Feeling much better about myself!



Briana Banks: “Length Isn’t That Important to Me… But THIS Is…”

It can be tough to imagine a guy not being able to get it up with Briana Banks… but it does happen.

“I won’t work with the C-Lister guys because of it. It’s very important,” she says.

She says that a lot of times, when a guy can’t get it up, it completely ruins the mood.

“He gets annoyed… I’m trying to not get annoyed… and it’s like, ‘Come on dude,’ do what you have to do. Why go to work with a butter knife when you can have a butcher knife, you know?”

So… what size “butcher knife” does she prefer? Probably some outrageously long “horse-sized dong,” right?

“You know what?” she said, “Size does matter, but good and bad. I prefer girth over length just because the longer ones hurt me. It starts to hit the back of my cervix. I prefer somebody that's got a fat one than a long one.”

I had never really considered that before. That a guy might be “too long,” even for porn.

But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. She talked a lot about that feeling of “fullness” that she craved… and how it was way more important than length.

Briana Banks, Alana Evans, & Edyn Blair Reveal...

Alana Evans: “If He Doesn’t Have THIS… It’s Unlikely He’ll Get a Second Date With Me…”

Alana Evans makes no secret of what she’s looking for in a man she dates:

“As a woman, I’m hitting my sexual peak. And I need a guy who can stick with me for AT LEAST an hour, minimum…”

And she’s not talking about cuddling, either…

“If he doesn’t have a hard d**k… it’s really unlikely he’ll get a second date from me…”

I asked if a “hard d**k” actually meant “a big d**k”… but her answer really surprised me:

“There was this one guy… who I went home with after work. Wow! His c**k was SO hard… and he was totally average-sized–perfect for me! But I was so turned on… so excited… I let him have it ALL…

“I probably even got a little stalkerish for him after a while just trying to get as much of that ‘D’ as I can get…”

Briana Banks, Alana Evans, & Edyn Blair Reveal...

Edyn Blair: “So hard I got ‘C**k Drunk’ on Him…”

The lovely Edyn Blair took it a step further.

“I know that I’ve had some girlfriends who tell me about guys they’ve been with who really just blew their mind in bed. And they just had to have more. They get ‘c**k drunk,’ I guess you could call it…”

“They had to keep going back and get more and more because the guy would get them off sooo much…”

Of course, my next question was “How did he do that?”

“Because his c**k was so hard, and so throbbing… and a guy who can stay hard and keep going and going… I think that’d get any girl addicted…”

Briana Banks, Alana Evans, & Edyn Blair Reveal...

So Now I Knew That to Give Her This “Fullness” Feeling.. I Needed GIRTH & HARDNESS…

I had no idea how important things like “girth,” “fullness,” and “hardness” were to these girls…

I knew I wasn’t going to suddenly have some 8 inch porn-star girth…

But I wondered… if I could just maximize what I already had… And let it reach it’s full potential. Just a little extra girth would be enough for me.

My first thought to find a trick for this wasn’t to ask male pornstars…

But that’s where my journey took me.

In fact, I kept running into one name… again and again.

Dave Cummings.

Many of these pornstars had worked with Dave… and they said that even though he was pretty “average-sized” down there… he could get harder and stay harder for longer than any other guy they’d been with.

So I decided to talk to Dave. And when I went to meet him, I expected some ripped guy in his early 20s.

What I found was something different entirely…

Dave was in his 70s… bald… kinda pudgy…

THIS was the guy satisfying all of these hot younger pornstars?

He was cool as hell… and after a while we got to talking about his military service in Vietnam…

And that’s when he motioned for me to come close… and whispered to me in hushed tones:

“Actually… that’s where I found the secret to getting hard that launched my porn career!”

Jackpot! I made sure my camera guy was rolling… and I asked him all about how he got that little extra “boost” of hardness and girth…

Turns out it’s actually really simple… but I never would’ve thought of it in a million years on my own.

Dave was kind enough to let me make a presentation out of our interview… and Alana and Edyn stopped by to (ahem) show their appreciation to Dave as well…

He reveals his “stay hard, boner-boosting” secret here–and it’s free for you as a Gotham Club reader for a limited time only:

Briana Banks, Alana Evans, & Edyn Blair Reveal...

Click Here Now to Get Dave's Boner-Boosting Secret…

P.S. – Dave’s not getting any younger, so he wanted to pass this secret along to a select number of guys from “the next generation” while he can. But once he reaches a certain number of guys… he’s gonna make me take it down. So click the button above to see if his secret is still available or if it’s gone for good…

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