This 5-Finger “Tantra Technique” Gives a Woman EXPLOSIVE Multiple Orgasms…

Now that you know how to use Lawrence’s “5-Finger Magic” orgasm technique to give her multiple orgasms…

She’s going to feel really good… and be really excited to have sex with you.

And even if you can use this to give a woman multiple orgasms on command… you still have to be able to make her climax during intercourse.

After all, you can’t just be “The Finger Guy.” Women still want sex… and they want it to feel really good.

So what does it mean to be a good lover? What makes her feel really good in bed?

We put together several exhaustive surveys of over 1,000 real women to see what they secretly want in bed… and here’s what we found:

1) “He’s ready to go again in 20-30 minutes”

2) “He’s ‘rock hard’ (not just ‘hard’–like ‘super-hard’)”

3) He can go at least 2 times in one session (preferably 3)

4) Stay hard for at least 13-17 minutes (The average was 14.3 minutes)

5) Gets hard quickly (whenever she wants it)

[Note: “Big penis” was on the list, but it came in at #7. Fortunately what I’m about to tell you will kinda help with that too.]

After we combed through these surveys… and found out what she wants, once and for all…

We consulted with this cool guy, Dave Cummings, who’s become a bit of a celebrity within our community.

Dave’s the World’s Oldest Pornstar, and even though he’s almost 70… he’s frequently in videos, having sex with women less than half his age… and sometimes with women as young as 18 or 19… sometimes 2 at a time.

At his age, it’s a wonder he can even get it up from time-to-time… let alone for grueling, hours-long porn shoots…

And even weirder… Dave does it without pills… without injections… no “prescriptions”…

All he does is eat a lot of these 5 foods.

I know. I was skeptical at first too. “How can 5 ‘normal’ foods help an almost-70-year-old guy get and stay hard?”

But then I tried them myself… and I’m telling you, I was walking around like a teenager again. Getting rock hard erections when I’d just see a hot girl on the street… it was kinda incredible!

Just click the button below to see what these 5 foods are… and start using them to start having better sex as soon as tonight:

P.S. – The only reason Dave’s sharing this is because I told him how our community helps a lot of guys out… so he agreed to share his secret with a limited number of guys who need it, and then he’s putting it away forever, and taking it to the grave with him. So click here now to see if the free interview is still up

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