FBI Profiler: “How to Spot the Hot ‘DTF’ Girls Wherever You Go”

FBI Profiler: "How to Spot the Hot 'DTF' Girls Wherever You Go"

3 “No Effort” Tips to Hookup With Hot Girls Wherever You Hang Out

Wherever you go… odds are there are at least a few girls you want to hookup with.

Yet even if a girl is really hot… by herself… and seems single…

I never used to hookup with any of these super-hot girls at the places I went. 

Not one!

Until I learned something very important from an honest-to-goodness FBI Spy!

His name is Joe Navarro.

I’m not “blowing his cover” or anything like that: Joe wrote a book about his time in the FBI called What Every Body Is Saying.

Joe is a body language expert… he had to know exactly what people were thinking…

…and exactly what they were planning to do before they even did it.

He was dealing with dangerous mobsters and criminals… and sometimes even their wives and girlfriends as informants…

…and not knowing these kinds of things could be the difference between life and death… for both him and his informant.

(Now asking a girl out doesn’t seem quite so “high stakes,” does it?)

I met Joe when he was publicizing his book… and his techniques and secrets gave me 3 true “aha” epiphanies when it came to hooking up with hot girls.

Now I’ll be the first to admit: I’m no FBI agent.

I’m just a guy looking to get laid, just like you…

But once I knew these 3 Secrets from this FBI “super-spy”… I went from just looking at hot girls…

…to really observing them. Watching what they did with their bodies… and what “attraction signals” they were giving off to me.

This made sleeping with hot girls a whole lot easier…

And because these secrets are so damned powerful to hookup with more, hotter chicks…

And because I feel bad for guys like you who are likely still in the dark on this kind of thing…

I’m going to reveal this FBI Super-Spy’s 3 best tips that he told me personally… that can help you hookup with more hot girls as soon as tonight.

FBI Profiler: "How to Spot the Hot 'DTF' Girls Wherever You Go"

1) At Least 60% of What Every Woman Says Is NOT Coming From Her Mouth (It’s Coming From HERE!)

One of the key points Joe makes in his book is that 60% of what every woman says does NOT come from her mouth!

Instead, women often “show” the meaning behind their words through other things, like body language and tone.

That’s because from a very early age… women are trained to adjust speech (and even the truth sometimes) to fit the situation.

Not only that… but 99% of women are conditioned not to come across as “easy” or “a slut.”

So they often try to suppress what they’re really feeling… so as not to seem too forward… even when they really like a guy.

However, what women can’t change are the body language and tonal cues that are evolutionarily “hard-wired” into them.

Back in the prehistoric age, women used these body language and tonal cues to attract a mate… and once you know them, they can be very powerful…

The problem is… over time, as society has developed, the ability to pick up on these cues has been kinda lost to history…

So that nowadays, only a select few men can naturally “pick up” on these… 

But for the rest of us? Trying to figure out if a woman is interested in us is like blind guessing in the dark!

The result is a lot of confusion… and missed cues from a lot of women who are throwing themselves at guys who simply have no clue that’s the case!

FBI Profiler: "How to Spot the Hot 'DTF' Girls Wherever You Go"

2) The Target Is More Important Than the Tactics

Let’s say you’re a jewel thief. And you have 2 potential heists you’re planning:

One is a heavily-guarded bank vault, with a state-of-the-art alarm, armed guards, laser tripwires, the whole nine, guarding a sack of jewels worth $102,487.

The other is an identical sack of jewels worth $102,487… but it’s in an old building no one really ever visits… in an unlocked cabinet… no alarms or tripwires to speak of.

You’d go for the second heist, right? Because it’s way easier than beating all of the alarms and sh*t at the bank.

Now let’s say there are two girls, twin sisters for the purposes of this thought experiment.

One is a total b*tch. She won’t make eye contact with you… gives you one-word answers… and is kinda turned away from you even when she is speaking to you.

The other is a little bit shy and reserved… but her eyes brighten up when you speak to her.

Her feet are always pointed toward you… and she kind of bites her lip and plays with her hair when you ask her a question.

Which girl do you think would be easier to sleep with?

The second one… obviously.

But the real question is “Why?”

It’s because the second girl is giving you “all the signs” that she wants to sleep with you!

Now these may seem kind of subtle…and not all that easy to pick up on…

But in her brain, she’s screaming “Hey guy, I want you bad!”

And when a guy doesn’t pick up on this… it causes a lot of hot girls to get upset.

That’s because she thinks she’s being super-obvious to you… and you’re ignoring it!

(I know–chicks can be crazy, right?)

So how do you recognize these really subtle signs that a hot girl is secretly into you?

It leads me to secret #3 (probably the most powerful one):

FBI Profiler: "How to Spot the Hot 'DTF' Girls Wherever You Go"

3) The “9 Dead Giveaway Signs” a Hot Girl Secretly Wants to Ride You Like Secretariat…

Joe knows a lot of body language signs that mean a lot of different things…

But working together, I was able to isolate 9 of these body language signs that, when hot girls give them off… are pretty much dead giveaways that she secretly wants you badly.

These definitely aren’t the typical “she’s smiling at you a lot,” or “she’s playing with her hair”… I know I used those earlier, but just as kind of a “shorthand” since I knew they were pretty much common knowledge already.

Instead, these 9 “Dead Giveaway Signs” are much more subtle… but a way more reliable way of telling that a hot girl really wants you…

They include things like:

  • The “Smile Tell”: a simple trick that shows you whether a woman is genuinely interested in you… or just “being nice” or trying to use you for something…

And there are a whole lot more…

Once you know these 9 “Dead Giveaway Signs”… it’s like knowing where the unguarded jewels are. 

You’ll spot a lot more hot girls who secretly like you… who are desperate to talk to you (and possibly more)…

And because these cues allow you to ONLY approach the girls who WANT to talk to you…

Women will be much more receptive to pretty much anything you say (though I can help you there too)

Because these signs are so subtle though… they’re pretty difficult to describe in words…

So instead of reading pages and pages of diagrams and text… I made a short video to show you these 9 “Dead Giveaway Signs.”

In it, you’ll see:

  • What all 9 of these “Dead Giveaway Signs” are…
  • The bizzare methods hot girls use to try to hide them… (and what to look for if they do)…
  • Exactly what to do after spotting them to hookup with her that same night.

(It starts off with my appearance on Anderson Cooper’s Talk Show… but then quickly gets into the 9 “Dead Giveaway Signs” after that).

To see the full video… and start spotting really hot girls who are secretly super into you… and hookup with way more of them… click the button or link below:

FBI Profiler: "How to Spot the Hot 'DTF' Girls Wherever You Go"

Click Here Now to Get All 9 “Dead Giveaway Signs a Girl Is DTF

P.S. – Here’s one “Dead Giveaway Sign” that’s really sneaky… but it means that a hot girl is pretty much a “sure thing” (it was WAY “too hot” for Anderson Cooper’s Show and got me banned from CNN!)

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